About Me

Welcome to The Food Diaries of Michelle, my own food blog! My love for making food started about two years ago, when I stumbled upon the infamous OhSheGlows blog. Since then, I follow many others such as PBFingers, Chocolate Covered Katie, Kath Eats Real Food, and Lunch Box Brunch— just to name a few.

I have dedicated this blog to share delicious and healthy recipes with the community. I love cooking and baking in the kitchen, and will do my best to post the recipes of the foods I make!  I may not be an amazing cook, but cooking is a great interest of mine, and I am constantly on the search for new recipes to try– after all, how can you improve if you don’t practice?

Thank you for checking out this blog!

Here are some facts about me!

– I am a Torontonian

– I love animals

– I am a flexitarian, but I do regularly follow a vegetarian diet

– I love fashion (who knows, maybe i’ll do a few posts about my “outfit of the day”)

– Travelling is one of my favourite hobbies

– My favourite cities are Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, and Bangkok

– My favourite TV channel is the Food Network (Top Chef, Iron Chef, You’ve Gotta Eat Here, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives… you name it and I watch it!)


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