One of my new years resolutions was to take up some sort of new exercise.

I’m not the most active teenage person, but I want to change that. So, I decided to take up hot yoga: Moksha to be exact.

Yesterday was my first class and boy was it rewarding. The day before yesterday, I was busy googling people’s experiences with hot yoga/moksha and I was horrified. I read about many people feeling nauseous, dizzy, and even sick. Upon reading those posts, I was scared for my experience. However, there was nothing to be scared or worried about!

The staff at Moksha were extremely friendly. They offered me some great tips such as placing my mat near the back of the classroom, where it was less hot, as well as letting me know that it was okay if I wanted to take a break in the middle of the class and go into child’s pose.

When I first walked into the classroom, I was blown with a hot breeze of air. I quietly found a place near the back of the room and rolled out my mat and placed my towel over top. I left my water bottle and small face town near my mat as I laid down on my back into Savasana.

Savasana was a great way to start off the class because it allowed to body to adjust to the temperature. My mind stopped racing about all the things I had to do later on in the week as I tried to focus on my breathing. After laying in Savasana, the instructor came into the room and spoke to the class in a soft tone. We rested in Savasana for a little bit, as we got to concentrate on our breathing a bit more and then we stood up and moved into the standing series. Although some of the poses were a bit hard for me, I liked how the instructor offered modified positions for the students in the class who couldn’t. My favourite of the standing series was Eagle pose. After a short while, I could feel the sweat dripping down of my face, as well as places I didn’t even know could sweat!

After the standing series, came the floor series. I wished there were a bit more poses that targeted the abdominal muscles, but I was pleased with the body-toning poses.

The class ended with Savasana. Although it was quite warm in the room, not once did I feel nauseous, dizzy, or sick. I’m very glad that I stuck through the whole class and can’t wait to go back to another class. I also hope that I can try pilates since I would really like to strengthen my body.

Have any of you tried pilates or hot yoga?